Justin Bieber Fever Hits Houston Fans, Parents Hard

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Photos by Groovhouse

For more photos from Saturday's outbreak of Bieber Fever, see our slideshow here.

The last time Rocks Off saw this many lovestruck girls exiting limousines, we were at Junior Prom. So it's no surprise it took us a moment to grasp our usually tougher-edged bearings at Toyota Center on Saturday, as fans prepared for teen sensation Justin Bieber.

Though readers might sense sarcasm in our next statement, Rocks Off was genuinely bummed when denied writers' tickets to the sold-out show. Licking our journalistic wounds, we considered the next best thing: We'd instead head to the swarming venue early, mingle among the Bieber madness, and try to draw conclusions as to what makes these fans gaga for the young man with the million-dollar smile hairdo.

Caught somewhere between the youthful fans and their supportive chaperones, we approached a group that was gathering around a huge poster of the cherub-faced singer. Beaming tweens smiled, as doting parents snapped photos of them posing beside the image of their heartthrob.

It wasn't long before we whipped up curious conversation with a few of the line's standout fans. A perky mother-daughter duo, excitedly snapping pre-show photos. Amy Morris and daughter Hope frequently jam out to Bieber's songs on family car rides, having clearly bonded over Hope's adoration for the singer.

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"He's sexy," Hope coyly professed when asked why she loves Bieber. Balancing cheerleader Mom with full-time protector, Amy said she appreciates Bieber's "clean-cut" persona, not to mention the lack of the profanity in his songs. The singer's influence spans the entire family, she noted, as his infamous locks even inspired the hairdo of her 17-year-old son, who evidently opted not to accompany them to the show.

"Justin is a very positive role model so far. But will his image change when he's older?" she wondered. "W e'll have to wait and see."

Sisters Celia, 11, and Hailey, 5, were accompanied by their parents, who, like Amy, agree that although Bieber is a positive influence now, they too wonder what will become of the singer as he gets older. Celia announced she was eager to hear "new, acoustic" songs from the artist's forthcoming release, the unplugged My Worlds Acoustic. With that comment, the otherwise reserved 11-year-old refreshingly reminded us that, after all, music lies at the base of this frenzy.

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A mass of animated fans piled out of a limousine, many spontaneously embracing one another upon seeing their heartthrob's image on the Toyota Center screen. One of the accompanying parents, Maria Kelleher, told us they had collectively traveled from Yucatán and Cancun, Mexico, solely to see Saturday's show.

"He's my boyfriend!", each youngster claimed, in competitive unison, while boasting handmade posters dedicated to the singer.

"Do you know where Justin is?", ventured 13-year-old Alexis Hickey, rather ominously and standing curiously close. Judging by the determined look in her eyes, it seemed she meant business. Sadly, we didn't know where the object of Alexis' affection was, but luckily she and her lively crew, most of whom wore homemade T-shirts sporting puff-painted love notes to Justin, were still up for chatting.

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