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Marco Torres
It's a bird... it's a plane... it's... Usher!
Rocks Off knows you have had a busy week. So have we.

But, we figured, what with Thanksgiving and Black Friday and traveling to and from your various other holiday ports of call, you may not have had as much time in front a computer as usual. We feel sorry for you, and envy you a little, but either way we thought we'd put together an easy guide to some things you may have missed earlier this week.

Hopefully you can catch up on what we've been doing somewhere between trips to the fridge for leftovers and finally checking your Facebook again. Go ahead... you know you want to...

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Jim Bricker
Roger Waters' The Wall: Bombs away?

  • Maybe a full-on Pink Floyd reunion would have been better than Roger Waters' recreation of The Wall at Toyota Center, but judging by Pete Vonder Haar and Craig Hlavaty's reviews, it's hard to see how.
  • Social Distortion's greaser-punk sounded as good as ever (maybe better), but a minor debate erupted over whether House of Blues was over capacity last Friday or just really, really close.
  • Iron & Wine's beard-in-chief, Sam Beam, was sweet, salty and a little silly at a sold-out Fitzgerald's last Sunday.
  • Ersher - sorry, Usher - had all the ladies feeling gooooooood at Toyota Center Tuesday.

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