Cory Mo's Star-Studded It's Been About Time Mixtape

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Cory Mo and Bun B in Europe
We've been writing about Houston rap for nearly three years now, and have yet to hear someone - ANYONE - say a bad thing about Cory Mo. Not once. That's remarkable. Given the sometimes irritable nature of Houston's rap scene, that's like saying he stood in the middle of a hurricane and didn't get wet. Or that he ran into Z-Ro in a dark alley and didn't get his legs lopped off.

Seriously, did anyone not see a Z-Ro Is intimidating joke coming? And it's not one of those "This Guy Will Come Back On Me With Some Seriously Gangster Shit If I Say A Word About Him" situations like when you try to get people to talk about J. Prince's legend. People appear to genuinely enjoy Mo.

So when he let loose word recently that he was releasing the mixtape It's Been About Time, it was no surprise at all that it was going to be stuffed with guest appearances from some local heavyweights including Bun B (who hosts the tape), Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, Devin and Ro, as well as out-of-town notables Talib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T., B.o.B and more.

Some notes from the album:

• Mo got on the phone for a few minutes to talk about the tape. When he called, we answered and heard the confusion immediately: "Uhhh, is Shea there?" He, like so many before him, thought Shea was a girl's name. His remedy for the situation: "You need to put a 'Mr.' in front of it or something to let people know you're a guy. Mr. Shea." Let it be.

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• When asked why he picked Bun to host the tape, Mo responded simply: "Other times you'll have a DJ do it, but DJs talk too much." Also, Bun is the one who came up with the title. When asked by Mo what he thought the title should be, Bun responded, "Well, it's been about time. Let's call it that." Bun B is insightful even when he's really not trying all that hard to be.

• As noted, Slim guests on the tape. He remains to be an ideal accomplice, regardless of the main act. He's always content to sit back and let the other guy drive, but manages to do so without completely removing himself from the equation. That's a hard thing to pull off. If the Heat had signed him, there's no way they'd be 8-6 right now.

• By the way, how many of you all out there are absolutely loving the implosion that's taking place right now in Miami? Crazy, right? It's almost enough to make you forget that the Rockets are two losses away from getting kicked out of the NBA.

• Killa Kyleon shows up on the tape for some work on "I Live It." Since his move over to AMG, he has sounded revitalized. Good to see. What are the odds you see something similar happen with J-Dawg soon?

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