The Social Network, Now Starring Lady Gaga, Drake, ZZ Top...

The Social Network was finally toppled at the box office this past weekend by the new Jackass 3-D, but that doesn't mean Rocks Off is done with the story chronicling the beginnings of Facebook and the rise of founder Mark Zuckerberg. You remember our film-score blog, right?

When it was released this summer ahead of the film's opening, the poster for the film became a viral Internet image, reaching almost every social media avenue, from Twitter and Tumblr to Facebook itself.

It didn't hurt that star Jesse Eisenberg has been compared to a young Dustin Hoffman, by ourselves as we walked out of the theater, after his turn as Zuckerberg in the film, or that it has already been named as an early Oscar contender by our friend as we walked out of the theater.

Thanks to the work of director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, it may just get a few nods next year.

Photo illustrations by Monica Fuentes
The Rocks Off News Team made a few posters for some of our favorite go-to musicians, our usual suspects as it were. Of course the Insane Clown Posse and Lady Gaga are on here. The ZZ Top one made us pee our pantaloons a little bit.

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