Rocks Off And Black Congress Bury The Hatchet

Let's drop the royal we. It's just Jef here, guys, and I'd like to talk to you for a moment.

Much attention, and much more debate, has been given over to Black Congress's public withdrawal from this weekend's GhoulsFest, and also to my own just as public condemnation of the manner in which they did so.

Having dreamed of breakout success as a Houston musician myself, I simply could not wrap my head around why such a talented and acclaimed act obviously on their way up would purposely piss off the head of Houston's newest fall festival. Honestly, I still don't, but doubt as to the justifiability of the opinions I have expressed through Rocks Off on the matter has begun to plague me.

First off, it was pointed out to me that I had done the exact same thing myself as a journalist some time ago by taking a private debate with Weird Party over doing an article on them public, in some sort of half-assed attempt to prove... I don't know. Something. It made sense at the time. Turns out, I'm somewhat of a hypocritical douchenozzle.

So maybe what Black Congress did wasn't the unimaginable sin I claimed it was. I still wanted to explore why they did so. Comments posted on the stories by the band made one thing very clear; they do not care what I or the Houston Press think about them, and would prefer to be left alone.

Again, having done everything but blow the music editors of all the major Houston newspapers in search of recognition for The Black Math Experiment I am at a loss as to how one acquires this attitude in the music scene.

So I sent BC bassist Dann Miller an email:

Let's just say I've had enough of people being mad at me all week. I wanted to drop you a line real quick and tell you that I really do think very highly of Black Congress. Your music is phenomenal, really good stuff, and I beg the opportunity to review the next album.

As far as the Ghoulsfest article... I still think the Facebook thing was dumb. My opinion on that isn't going to change. I wrote about it because it was news, and to judge by the hits it got it was news. And then Chris Gray asked if I had anything to capitalize on the Daily Beast city survey. I suggested a rundown of all the boneheaded things I'd seen in the music scene this year.

I don't really agree with some of the things you guys do as far as PR, but I do respect you as a band a great deal. And whoever said that Ghouslfest will miss you more than you'll miss them? Hell, they may actually be right though I never would've believed it when this all started.

You guys are going to be one of the driving forces in music in this city over the next couple of years, and I hope that any animosity that may have arisen as a result of the press coverage you've received over the last week can be smoothed over with this: I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I feel as strongly about what I do as you do about what you do, and sometimes we all go a bit too far.

Your fan,


His response...

I don't think you could hurt our feelings if you dedicated an entire week to it. I don't think you get it. We do this so we can hang out and make music that we like. That's it. Your blog doesn't affect us personally or as a band. None of us care if you think our Facebook update was dumb. There is no animosity, there are no hurt feelings, and I for one am not mad.

Take care,


So it didn't start off very well, but Miller did agree to talk to me a bit more.

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