Shakira And Music's Eight Other Hottest Bellybuttons

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Shakira shimmies into town tonight at Toyota Center, and frankly, she's pretty much the only artist Rocks Off regrets having to miss while we're in Austin covering ACL. Say what you will about her caterwauling voice and her corny foreign-ness. There's something so playfully goofy about Shakira that we absolutely love her.

Long before the She Wolf was playing stadium shows in big American cities, the part-Lebanese performer had learned belly dancing as a teenager. Her moves helped her otherwise awkwardly-shot video (and odd lyrics) for the song "Whenever, Wherever" propel her to mainstream U.S. fame. Even fans who don't like her unusual voice can't deny her hips don't lie.

In honer of her appearance tonight, Rocks Off came up with a list of some of the best belly buttons in music. And if you're headed to the show tonight, remember, keep your eyes on the hands.

8. Beyoncé: Houston's favorite daughter teamed up with Shakira for "Hips Don't Lie" and it looks like Shakira taught Bey a thing or two about shaken' it.

7. Billy Idol: Billy Idol was hot in the '80s. We saw him come through Houston a few months ago and he's still hot as ever. Maybe hotter.

6. Fiona Apple: Frankly, we were a little hesitant to include Fiona on this list because of her admitted history with eating disorders, but the chick is proud of her stomach, as evidence by the many, many pictures of her in belly shirts on the internet. Hell, just watch the first minute of "Criminal," wherein her navel is prominently featured.

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