Mark Stevens Of KLOL's Stevens & Pruett Show Passes Away

Rocks Off just got word via that former Houston radio personality Mark Stevens, half of KLOL's popular Stevens & Pruett morning-show team from the 1980s until 2000, has passed away. Houston blogger Mike McGuff says close friends told him Stevens died in his sleep early this morning; Channel 13 notes he had been suffering from Alzheimer's for some time.

Except for John Lander's "Morning Zoo" on 93Q back when 93Q was Top 40 (back when Top 40 was The Cars, Bruce Springsteen and Prince), "Radio Gods" Stevens & Pruett were Rocks Off's first exposure to Houston morning radio. We were usually in the car on the way to school long enough for Lanny Griffith to do a "Traffic and Bondage" report and S&P to work in a plug for their animal-rescue ranch around some sort of bawdy phone prank or send that guy Locke on one of his ridiculous, humiliating errands.

Former Stevens & Pruett colleague Laurie Kendrick has a very nice retrospective of the duo on her blog here.

Stevens & Pruett were also one of KILT's "Hudson & Harrigan" duos in the 1970s and came to KLOL in 1986 from Dallas album-rock station the Eagle (KEGL).

"It's a sad day for Houston radio fans and Mother's Family (the KLOL Family)," former KLOL Music Director David Sadof told Rocks Off via email this afternoon. The duo is credited with helping pioneer the "shock jock" radio format, as in the popular recurring "Uncle Waldo" bit below:

Got a favorite Stevens & Pruett bit? Leave it in the comments.

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Fan of Stevens and Pruet
Fan of Stevens and Pruet

Listened to Stevens and Pruet in the late 80's after moving to Houston from SA.    One of my favorite jokes went something like this -- " A man was walking on the beach and found a lamp.  He rubbed the lamp and a genie appeared.   The genie agreed to give the man ONE wish.   The man thought for a moment and then pulled a map out of his pocket.  He told the Genie -- see these three countries, pointing to Irag, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.   My wish is that these countries live in peace.   The genie responded -- Listen, I don't think I can help you, I can do things like Money, Cars, etc. --- you will need to think of something else.   The man thought again and responded.   OK, What I would really like is a BLO_  J_B from my wife.   The genie looked at him for a moment and asked............ Is your wife Jewish like you.   The man responded YES....   The genie responded....... Let me see that map again......

Joe Gravengaard
Joe Gravengaard

I'll miss them, woke me up laughin' for years, may God bless him, I do NOT LIKE GETIN' OLD, Dam it! Sad day


My remembrance of Stevens & Pruet will always be, "It's Time For The Story Guy", HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!. I recorded a few tapes of them in chrismas of1985. This is a sad end to our generation. Stevens & Pruett were my true radio heros and Mark Stevens will be so surely missed, yet will always be in my heart and listened to every holiday season, as has been for the last 26 years. Sleep well Mark Stevens.Love and peace.Gary Beck

Billy Threadgill
Billy Threadgill

Thanks for all the great motorcycle events they had back in the day these guys started the large benefit rides in houston. loved them all. Dogs on Hawgs what a blast

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