Last Night: Screwed Up Click At House Of Blues

Photos by Marco Torres
Lil Keke
Screwed Up Click
House of Blues
October 14, 2010

8:19 p.m.: The doors opened for the show at 8 p.m. today, which is precisely why we plan on continuing to not be there until about 10 p.m. Fools no longer, we are.

10:00: Just walked in. Already saw a guy unironically wearing a jean jacket and a guy dressed like an extra from Black Dynamite. Things are looking good.

10:18: MC Kane, who we interviewed about this particular show about two weeks ago, is on stage hyping everyone up. We've seen him several times at several parties. He's always looked comfortable onstage. Tonight, he appears especially so.

10:19: Pimp C tribute via Kane and Go DJ J Boss. Excellent. "Get Throwed," "Let Me See It," "Big Pimpin'," "International Player's Anthem" and more.

10:19:04: Listening to this tribute, by the way, you can't help but consider the idea that Pimp C would've hated his new album if he had the chance to hear it. With the exception of maybe two songs, it sounds completely out of his wheelhouse. Was anybody else there thinking that?

10:28: Kane and Boss are up onstage doing that This Is My Half Of The Room, That's Your Half, Let's See Whose Side Is The Loudest thing. Kane, who calls his side The Southside, starts, "Do the Southside run this?" The crowd responds, "HEELLLLL YEEAAHHH!" Easy enough. Boss retorts by asking, "If the North run this let me hear you say 'Fuck you, bitch!'" Seriously? Fuck you, bitch? Is that really a equitable response to "Do the Southside run this?"?

10:33: Fat Pat tribute. It is officially, as they say, going dyne.

10:37: Yungstar makes a quick cameo to do "Knockin' Pictures Off Your Wall." He opens by saying, "Ten years later and I'm still doing this." We're not certain if that's awesome or heartbreaking.

10:39: Oh yeah. There's a part in "Knockin'" where Yungstar brags about having a remote controlled VCR. It's clear now: this is awesome. Was that really the height of technology back then? Were you really killing it if you had a remote controlled VCR? Crazy.

10:48: Papa Reu, Candi Redd, Propain and Will Lean all make brief appearances to perform, with Propain (who does that song where he namedrops all of the Houston rappers) and Will Lean (who does his Houston version of Ricky Rozay's "BMF Freestyle") capturing the crowd's attention the most. Propain is better than anybody realizes at this point, we suspect. Watch for him.

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