Is Chris Brown Officially Unshunned?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them hear discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray
This Week's Panel: Yung Redd, Fat Tony, Thurogood Wordsmith, Kyle Hubbard, Prince AJ

Not Invited: Rihanna

This Week's Prompt: Chris Brown just did that remix to his 'Deuces" single, and it features contributions from Drizzy, Kanye, T.I., Fabolous and Andre 3000. This, to us, would imply that Brown has gained acceptance into the elite hip-hop and R&B music-making circle again.

Are you okay with that, or should he have had his career effectively dismantled following 2009's Rihanna incident? Is there a standard amount of time that someone should, for lack of a better term, be kept in the doghouse after an incident like his? Or is it that as soon as he appears truly contrite - contrite for the right reasons, that is - we can accept him?

Yung Redd: Ain't no tellin what she did to provoke him. I'm not justifying anything, but we're supposed to forgive. In this world, everyone wants a explanation when they don't deserve one. Welcome back.

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Photos by Marco Torres
Chris Brown at House of Blues, November 2009
Fat Tony: I didn't have much of an opinion on it [because] I didn't accept before he hit her. I do forgive him for it, but damn he beat the shit out [of] her, not just a love tap. Like, it wasn't just a push or slap, it was fists and blood. I don't condone any of it.

Kyle Hubbard: A Chris Brown comeback is nothing short of a tragedy and a sign of how demoralized we have become. I don't give a fuck who jumps on his track or how weepy he gets on Oprah; he doesn't deserve a comeback. He didn't hit this girl, he beat her ass. He deserves to see the end of his career and much worse. It takes a real bitch of a man to lay hands on a woman, and just because this dude can sing and dance his ass off doesn't change the fact that he is scum.

My answer to this week's prompt is pretty cut and dried: Fuck Chris Brown and any other man who would lay hands on a woman. I believe in redemption, and I am not saying he will always be a fucked up asshole, but he in no way deserves to be in the public spotlight and be a potential role model for young men.

Prince AJ: I believe everyone deserves chances in life and there are many people who have made mistakes and let that obstacle ruin who they were created to be. Chris Brown didn't dwell in the negativity, but overcame [it] with boldness. Good example of change.

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