Hyperbubble Heat Up Hot Fuzz On "Chop Shop Cop"

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Sooooooo... Hyperbubble. We've mentioned them a couple of times in the past referencing the fact that they are pretty much the best electronic act in Texas that doesn't involve those bondage pants and stompy boots that Korg sends bands like CTRL when they buy keyboards.

The synthesizer couple's latest album, Candy Apple Daydreams, is a heart-stopping rollercoaster of binary perfection that pwns every synth album released in our state since Asmodeus X's Morningstar.

Hyperbubble has been branching out more and more into video, and have just unleashed one for Candy Apple cut "Chop Shop Cop."

What we have here is the opening credit sequences to a fictional television show about British policemen. If you've watched any British cop shows you know that the 'staches are rocking, the running around looks like it's going to end in a mild coronary incident, and that when the shirts come off to do some kung fu you're going to be blinded by the reflection bouncing off the fish-belly paleness.

We sat down with Jess and Jeff (Jeff With Two Fs, we call him) to ask them about filming the new vid.

RO: Did you start with the idea of doing a vid for "Chop Shop Cop," or did you just really want to do the British cop-show idea and thought "Chop Shop Cop" was the best fit?

Jess: Both, really. Hyperbubble actually shot our part of the video on the set of the British TV series The Prisoner, during our 2008 UK tour in Portmeirion, Wales. Patrick McGoohan, the creator, director and star of The Prisoner passed away this year, and the song "Chop Shop Cop" was totally written with him in mind, so having a UK director for the video made perfect sense. It's a visual song to begin with, and the director's interpretation is very literal, so the song was pretty much the script for the video.

RO: Though you're referencing British shows, there are going to be some inevitable comparisons to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video. How do you feel about that?

Jeff: Great! And don't forget to compare it to The Cars' "Panorama" video, which was directed by Jerry Casale 14 years before the Beasties' video came out. Another 14 years have passed, and now Hyperbubble are making a music video about music videos about cop shows.

Jess: Post-postmodern.

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