Hopefully This Will Tide All You Juggalos Over For Now

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juggalos oct15 B.jpg
Photos by Craig Hlavaty and Marc Brubaker
Remember the good times...
Here at Rocks Off, we're all heartbroken that Insane Clown Posse has postponed the Warehouse Live date of their "Old Sh*t" tour from Saturday to December 6. We're not sure why; a fictional ICP spokesman would only say "Whoop Whoop!" over and over again until Rocks Off had to hang up on him.

Tour routing - how does it work?

Rocks Off Jr. is especially crestfallen. He had been looking forward to the Clowns' return for months. When last we saw him, he was curled in the fetal position under his desk, and we couldn't even lure him out with some rare Motorhead demos. He did perk up a little when we promised him the Ozzy/Slash show in January, so that's something.

We know there are probably a lot of disappointed Houston Juggalos out there right now. Hopefully this short retrospective oft the most recent "Gathering of the Juggalos" at Walter's on Washington back in June will lift your spirits.

Chin up, Craig.

Juggalos oct15 A.jpg

Juggalos oct15 C.jpg

Juggalos oct15 D.jpg

For the really juicy (and NSFW) shots, see our slideshow here. Whoop whoop!

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