Five Groups We'd Pay To Break Up

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Why do people support so much bad music? What if people paid awful bands to quit instead? Weezer fans are willing to try. Sick and tired of being let down by his favorite band, last week a fan jokingly offered Weezer $10 million to split up.

Naturally, this had Rocks Off thinking of other acts we'd pay to stop making music. Grab your earplugs - shitty bands ahead.

The-Ting-Tings oct14.jpg
5. The Ting Tings

This no-talent pop duo sounds worse than anything that's come out of the UK in the last five years. They borrow ingredients from just about every genre but can't quite figure out how to make the music palatable. We'd rather listen to the stomach rumblings of Miss Overweight Texas. The good news is that they've only released one album so far. If we hurry and raise some moolah, we might be able stop this mess before it infects innocent children everywhere.

limpgoldcd  oct14.jpg
4. Limp Bizkit

Every year, we hold a premature funeral for these awfully pathetic rap-rockers. Every year, they get back together and assault our ears further. When Durst and Co. finally decide to draw the curtain on their sad music career, no one will miss them. We'll definitely hold a fundraiser if it helps expedite the process.

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