Young Mammals Emerge From Hibernation At Big Star Tonight

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Rocks Off is still getting used to running into (or emailing) local musicians we haven't seen for a while, asking them where they've been and getting the answer "on tour." We're not complaining.

That's the case with Young Mammals - after a sharp set at Free Press Summer Fest, the band virtually dropped out of sight. Or so we thought. Turns out they were on a month-long tour of the Eastern U.S., and then dropped out of sight save a July in-store at Cactus Music. (Never mind that they talked about the tour when the Mammals were Rocks Off's Artist of the Week shortly before Summer Fest... it's been a long three months.)

So after tonight's free show at Big Star Bar, the indie-rockers are getting ready to tackle the western half of the country on a three-week jaunt that takes them up to Seattle and back through Southern California, El Paso and Austin for a free show at the Mohawk with Buxton. The Mammals' next home gig is October 10 at the Orange Show, where they join Warpaint at the L.A. dolls' third Houston appearance this year - we almost hate to sound like a broken record, but this city is an exciting place to be a music fan right now.

That is a lot to keep straight, though, so Rocks Off emailed the band to investigate further.

Rocks Off: Where have you been?

Young Mammals: We went out to the eastern half of the United States just a week or so after Summer Fest for almost a month. Played mostly great shows to entirely great people... got back home and didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were writing and practicing pretty much the day after we got back and have been doing that every chance we get.

RO: Any significant developments for the band (or any members) this summer?

YM: Cley got his guitar fixed today. That has been holding up the creative process for a little bit. Other than that, the usual growing out of our hair in preparation for Halloween.

RO: Who are you playing with on this tour? Anyone you're particularly excited about?

Our first night is with Lower Dens and we haven't seen those folks in months. We're very happy that Male Bonding is joining our bill in Seattle, they seem like a lot of fun.

RO: How do you feel about the KTRU situation?


RO: What about the upcoming Fitzgerald's transition?


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