Which Texas Rapper Would Make The Best Governor?

In many ways, rappers are akin to politicians. They possess oratorical skills, walk around with a posse, and always say things they don't mean. With the 2010 gubernatorial elections little more than a month away, Rocks Off wondered which rapper might be best suited to lead the great state of Texas.

We took this question to the streets to see what some of Houston's finest rappers had to say about it. Dig in for their answers.

Preemo: "Scarface for Governor with Bun B as Lieutenant Governor. Two of the most respected OGs in the state. That's a hellafied ticket. I might just get out and vote for that kinda change."

MC Ruckus: "I think there's no choice other than Bun B. He has the experience in the game, and unlike most Texas rappers has the right idea when it comes to collaboration with other artists. If he were a politician you would say he has great networking skills and has done a great job at changing the perception of what the South is capable of producing. He's also bridged the rift between the East Coast and the South and paved the road for more coast-to-coast collaboration."

Shea Serrano
Fat Tony at Fly Fest, Walter's on Washington, September 25, 2010
Fat Tony: "The obvious answer is Pimp C but because the late, great greatest Texas rap music producer and songwriter of all-time has passed away I give my vote to his right-hand man Bun B. Bun B never sold out during his tenure in UGK and that speaks volumes in the rap industry, especially for a one time (longtime) underdog (or Underground King, one might say) in the rap industry.

"He commands respect from coast to coast, front, back, and side to side. He would be adored and revered (maybe even feared) by ol' pussy-ass, cake-ass, punk-ass, trick-ass, sucker-ass, fuck-ass, dick-in-the-booty-ass, K-Y-Jelly-packin'-ass niggas by all who stand before him."

H-Kane: "Hmmm... i would have to say Scarface. He's not flashy, so you don't have to worry about him getting fame drunk."

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