Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Ultimate Covers Mixtape

The Rocky Horror Picture Show turns 35 this week.

Rocks Off started going to the midnight queen of cult movies at the River Oaks Theater when we were just 15 years old, and has now strapped on high heels and corsets as part of the cast for the better part of a decade.

It's an experience so wonderfully over the edge that millions continue to flock to movie theatre every weekend just to yell lines and DANCE "The Time Warp" all over the world while shadowcasts pantomime and alter the movie with unending joy and dedication.

In Rocks Off's time at Rocky, we amassed a huge collection of cover songs and other rarities to use as background music in the River Oaks Theatre while the cast set up their props and costumes. So enjoy Jef With One F's Ultimate Rocky Horror Mixtape!

We'd like to thank Shawn McHorse for his help over the years in getting the music from Rocky at his Musical World of Rocky Horror.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, "Science Fiction Double Feature"

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have made a career out of punkifying things like the Grease soundtrack and "Phantom of the Opera." This sped-up, high-energy cover of the famous opening song is so definitive that when Rocks Off's own band covered the tune, we actually covered this cover rather than working from the original. The only other version that comes anywhere near it is a Japanese version by Transylvania Glamour - a copy of which we no longer have.

absolute pleasure.jpg
"The Wally's, Damnit Janet"

It's finding the lesser-known songs that's always hard. This fun little punk number comes from Denton - yes, Denton, Tex., where the movie takes place. It was part of the Absolute Pleasure tribute disc that came out of Dallas in 1999, and is now uber-hard to find.

The Emma Peel Advocates, "Over at the Frankenstein Place"

Another cut from Absolute Pleasure. The Emma Peel Advocates was an all-girl group based out of Ohio.

Damian, "The Time Warp"

When choosing which cover to use of Rocky's most famous song, you have plenty to choose from, but only one man tried to make an entire career out of "The Time Warp." Trying to be the new Boy George, Damian released over a dozen different versions of his cover in the '80s. His career went nowhere, but he left us with a pretty definitive dance version of the famous track. Rocks Off actually owns this on vinyl!

anthony head.jpg
Anthony Head, "Sweet Transvestite"

Those who don't know worship Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter. Those who know worship Anthony Head, who played the role when the show was revived in England. Tony released a single version of "Sweet Transvestite" that is damn hard to top. Rocks Off actually saw Tony perform at the 25th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas, where he brought his own original stage costume!

Brian May, "Hot Patootie"

Misnamed on the disc as "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night," this cover was part of a collection of various people in a sort of ultimate cast mix. Added to the recording was narration by Christopher Lee, and this awesomely rocking version of "Hot Patootie" by Queen's Brian May.

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