Nine Rappers About To Be Eaten By Their Own Beards

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Kane of ying-yang-twins.jpg
In today's crowded music industry, it's becoming increasingly difficult for artists to stand out from the pack, but sometimes a facial package of ample weight and gargantuan growth will do the trick. Look out, these hip-hoppers are one hair strand away from disappearing into the abyss of their own beard.

Here are some rappers that are most likely to be eaten by their beards.

Kaine, Ying Yang Twins: Kaine's beard (above) is extremely glamorous. Aside from the potential of being devoured by his own beard, Kane should also avoid beard-grabbing babies. Beard vs. baby? Baby wins every time.

?uestlove, The Roots: ?uestlove's beard appears to be wearing his face. It should be the other way around. Legend has it that whenever The Roots crew is in dire need of a hit, ?uesto scratches his beard for 15 seconds and - presto! - a whole new masterpiece is born.

Def Jam .jpg
Def Jam Records
Rick Ross: You can see that Rick Ross' facial package has already engulfed his entire neck and chin and is now approaching his eyes. Soon that beard is going to disintegrate his entire face into one jolly mix, and all he can do is look on and say, "Bawse!"

K-os: Canadian hip-hopper K-os rocks his Island patch with confidence. But if those untamed strands ever connect, his face will disappear in less than five years.

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