Bollywood's Greatest Western Hits: Beatles, Elvis, "Thriller"...

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Tonight, prolific Indian film composer/choreographer A.R. Rahman comes to Toyota Center to make up a July date he had to cancel after his tour was plagued with set malfunctions. In the wake of a near-disaster in Detroit back in June, Rahman and his company postponed dates in order to get their rigs and set-up back in safe, working order.

From what we have heard and read, Rahman's "Jai Ho Concert: The Journey Home" is a spectacle on par with the biggest Western pop concerts anyone could imagine. (Even Lady Gaga.) With Houston's large Indian population, the show is sure to be a packed affair.

Rahman is one of Bollywood's biggest names, so much so that he has been dubbed "The Mozart Of Madras" in some circles. Bollywood isn't a completely insular enterprise, though, taking numerous cues from Western musical trends while keeping their own heritage at the forefront. Over the years they have bitten off plenty from Western pop culture, including the British Invasion, hairy boogie-rock, and most perplexingly, Michael Jackson.

We found five instances of Bollywood dipping into the cultural stream with toe-tappingly interesting, if sort of creepy, results.


Bollywood "Thriller": The refrain sounds like "girly-man!", right? Or are we crazy?


Bollywood Beatles: The Beatles were already "The Indian Beatles" anyway in the late '60s, so this is almost redundant. Like calling Klaus Nomi "weird".

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