Tax The Wolf Sets Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Marco Torres
Tax the Wolf at this month's Houston Press Music Awards ceremony
Tonight Tax the Wolf unleashes their new album, Hold The Sun, onto Houston audiences at Mango's. In the wake of the band's Best Progressive Rock win at this month's Houston Press Music Awards, they have a lot to prove, a fact not lost on the boys.

Rocks Off's own Shea Serrano profiled Tax the Wolf last summer for his ongoing Artist Of The Week series, right after the band had made its first splash onto the Houston scene. You may have known them before as Wolves At The Door, and with the name change the plot thickened and their space-y rock stew got all the more heartier.

We talked to the shaggy and wooly boys, who are making a regular weekend of it with another show Saturday night at Rudz with Spain Colored Orange, about us unintentionally stalking them at the HPMA showcase, their hair, Twitter, and the otherworldly influences on the recording of Sun. They also hinted at what their upcoming Reduxion covers set may entail.

Rocks Off: We're sorry for unwittingly following you guys around during the HPMAs. We're sure that visage behind you wasn't the most reassuring thing.

Tax The Wolf: It was a better feeling than the scorching sun behind us. We hope you all continue to follow.

taxthewolf holdthesunaug27.jpg
RO: We're also sorry for being enthralled with Afros. We think it's the fact that we are part white and balding.

TTW: We're part-Wookie and Hispanic. No need for apologies.

RO: You won Best Progressive Rock at the HPMA's earlier this month. Was that a thrill or did you see it as motivation, a kick in the ass if you will, to keep working that much harder?

TTW: We saw it as a thrill because it was a very unexpected moment. We never thought we could go against the other nominees. After that night we felt determined and motivated to keep pushing for something authentic and original for Houstonians to call their own. Finishing this first record is a goal that we finally reached. We have many more in store.

RO: As far Houston bands go, rock ones especially, the band is very active on Twitter. Do you think embracing social media has made a big impact on your popularity?

TTW: We try to use the efficiency and power of the Internet as much as possible. The social media monster is definitely a huge impact on our growth as a band. We've done live webcasts which were a convenient and amazing thing to jump on. We're trying to reach a mass audience and be up to speed with technology. A rock band shouldn't be twittering though, it's not hardcore enough.

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