Shot Through The Heart: Images From Saturday's HPMA Showcase

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Matt&Kim crowd MillerAug8.jpg
Photos by Austin Miller/
The crowd up front at Matt & Kim Saturday night.
Good afternoon, everyone.

Rocks Off hopes you're having a nice, relaxing Sunday. We'd like to thank all of you who came out to our Houston Press Music Awards showcase on Washington Avenue yesterday, and especially all our colleagues who helped make it happen. It was hot and sticky, especially after a 2 p.m. downpour, but as you can see above, everyone seemed to have a pretty good time.

We certainly did. It was a Category 5 whirlwind of an afternoon, and Rocks Off is still sorting through all our pictures, reviews, etc. We thought we'd give you a little taste this afternoon, though. More photos after the jump, and please check back tomorrow for a lot more.

Fat TonyAug8.jpg
Fat Tony took over on drums at his Pearl Bar showcase.

Smash BroAug8.jpg
Smash Bro showed up for some tag-team rhyming with Tony.

Sean PadillaAug8.jpg
Sean Padilla of Cocker Spaniels sat in too.

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