The Lady Is Dead... And It's Wonderful (Semi-NSFW)

However you feel about the Proposition 8 ruling that passed on Wednesday in California, Rocks Off hopes that you can appreciate the war that LGBTs have fought... and in all wars there are the wounded.

Peaches Christ sent us this short musical film; "The Lady is Dead" directed by Roy Raz and set to the indescribably beautiful song "In This Shirt" by The Irrepressibles. As it started, we thought we saw another half Cirque de Soleil, half David Lynchian art nerd film exhibit designed to confuse rather than entertain.

And then we felt tears running down our face.

What Roy's intention in this film is we can't say for certain, but what we saw was a parade of personal, violent struggles first with the subject's own sexuality, and then with a world that has been mostly hostile. The figures portrayed are not so much stereotypes as representations, points of view if you like.

Whether they are hungering for love, bleeding, eating their own heads, or playing tennis with a human heart, what is playing out is a dream-world allegory for the escalating, bloody conflict taking place between love to celebrated and confusion and pain.

Or maybe it's all just perversion. Nonetheless, it's beautiful.

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