League Of Extraordinary Industrial Retards: Funniest Goths Ever!

Left-right: League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards' Firetech, Bob Vengeance and DJ Anorexia
The other night, Gothtopia and Wife With One F were hanging out with Caddy of My Bitch Tits, whose debut single about dating an XBox we are eagerly awaiting, when she asked us if we had heard about the League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards. We confessed our ignorance, and she said, "You have got to see this."

She was right. You have got to see this.

The League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards is a Web series/YouTube film that details the adventures of DJ Anorexia and his record storeowner friend Bob Vengeance as they begin a quest to save industrial music from the likes of Trent Reznor and VNV Nation by murdering VNV's Ronan Harris after breaching backstage security with a pair of "cock passes" (Note: these are explicitly NOT transferable to Harris's fellow band mate Mark Jackson.)

The series is told in a hilariously over-the-top style that is, well, also pretty damn accurate. We've been hanging around the Goth scene long enough that not only can we recognize some of the more absurd aspects of the subculture, we can also laugh about them even when they apply to us.

LEIR screencap.jpg
And, no, creator Zachary Helm of S.O.R.P Films does not actually want to kill Ronan Harris of VNV Nation - who is currently in semi-seclusion writing and could not be reached for comment, just because we wanted to see the look on his face when we told him. Helm is an admitted fan of all the bands he mercilessly mocks, but wanted to explore the mindset of those uber-fans who make life a little difficult for those of us who request Wolfsheim at Numbers.

It's easy to think that Goths are nothing but black-clad zealots who find fault in even the most mundane differences in musical opinions. Judging by the comments we get after reviewing a new Trent Reznor album, Houston certainly has its share of those. But most of these spooky kids remain simply dedicated fans to black boots, vampire flicks and dark electronica music. So when something like The League of Extraordinary Industrial Retards comes along, we rejoice.

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