Sophia Fresh Work For T-Pain, Stay True To DJ Screw

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Crystal, Skye and Cole Rose, collectively known as Sophia Fresh, may be one hit away from national fame, but they're unwavering in their loyalty to the Bayou City. Case in point: Sophia Fresh recently unleashed a remix of the DJ Screw classic "June 27" in honor of the chopped and screwed tunes that served as a soundtrack to their childhood.

We reached out to T-Pain's robo-voiced minions, whose new single "This Instant" (featuring their boss) premiered on BET's 106th & Park earlier this week, over the phone to find out what they've been up to lately. Dig in, it's sweet.

Rocks Off: Whose idea was it to do the "June 27" remix?

Crystal: All of us. We all came up with the idea.

RO: Oh come on, that's the diplomatic response.

Crystal: "June 27" was just one of those things that we play to get ourselves pumped. In the studio or in the car, we just used to listen to a lot of Screwed Up Click songs. It's just something that get us pumped up, so we decided to put our spin to it.

RO: Any other Houston tributes in the works?

Crystal: We're definitely open to doing more. Regardless, our music will always has something in it that shouts out where we're from.

RO: That's sweet. Here's an idea: How about a mixtape of R&B remixes of Houston classics?

Cole: That's a cool idea. We might actually do that. We'll make sure you get your 10 percent cut, of course.

RO: Explain your deal with T-Pain. Are you signed directly to his label?

Crystal: Well, the production deal is through T-Pain's company. That's for the music. Atlantic takes care of marketing and distribution of our music.

RO: How would you describe your sound to someone who's never heard of Sophia Fresh?

Crystal: We made up our own genre, which we call hip-rock and R&B. Our music is influenced by different genres, so it's got a little bit of everything from rock to hip-hop and R&B.

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