Last Night: Thrice At Warehouse Live

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Photos by Marc Brubaker
Thrice, Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band
Warehouse Live
July 6, 2010

Walking up to Warehouse Live for Thrice Tuesday night, Aftermath witnessed one of the most interesting spectacles we've ever seen outside of a venue. As we got there, we heard a gentleman - and we use that term loosely - refer to himself as "Big Dog" and then talk about himself in the third person.

"Big Dog is unpredictable," he said to a friend. "You never know what he'll do next. Like that time I stuck my crotch in Chelsea's face and started grinding." Laughter ensued, but Aftermath was not amused.

A young man walked outside, threw his drink into the air and yelled, "I'm done with this bitch! I don't have to take this!" His friends, who were on the inside of the gate opposite him, tried to get their friend to stay, but he seemed hell-bent on leaving. Soon though, his friends convinced him to come back inside, but not before he made a scene and vented to his heart's content.

"Thrice will change your mind, dude," his friends said. "Thrice will make it better."

This nearly became a drunken chant. It was like seeing a car wreck on the freeway: You slow down and stare, and although you feel bad for those involved, you just can't look away.

Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band
We walked back inside, but not before hearing another group of friends discuss Papa Roach and how they would pay to see the band live "if they promised to only play songs from their first album." Linkin Park, Avatar and Twilight came up in the same conversation. We wonder if anyone else who regularly attends shows is as entertained by fellow concertgoers as we are.

Aftermath also ran into The Last Place You Look's old drummer, Andy Moth. "I'm here for Thrice," Moth said. "These other bands... Well, I don't know."

We felt pretty much the same way. Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band struck us as what Interpol would have sounded like had they gone pop. The vocals were monotonous, but purposefully so, a little like Coldplay's Chris Martin. A few fans told Aftermath Devine sounded like a whinier version of Band of Horses, but there was so much feedback from the mike, it was impossible to get swept up in the music.

We heard a few members of the crowd taunt the bands in between songs. Although a lot of the other music wasn't too similar to Thrice's, fans could at least respect the fact that they're onstage, right?

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