Last Night: Matisyahu At House Of Blues

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House of Blues
July 27, 2010

8:54 p.m.: Man, we totally underestimated the market for American Hassidic Jewish reggae musicians. This place is packed.

8:56: Dub Trio is on stage. They're a fairly impressive trio from Brooklyn. Not Beastie Boys impressive, but fun nonetheless.

8:59: Are you aware that two sodas cost $7 at House of Blues? Jesus. That's absurd. No joke, the Dollar Giant down the street from our house - we obviously live in a very nice neighborhood - sells two two-liter bottles of Coke for $1.09. The fact that we know that makes paying $7 for two cups of ice and soda excruciating. Knowing you're getting ripped off is way worse than just getting ripped off. #fml

9:04: There's a guy standing here with a baseball hat tucked into his back pocket. He does not, however, have a wallet on his head. That was almost a really excellent situation.

9:09: Attn: Everyone. Wacky socks do not make you look interesting. They make you look like a moron.

9:12: This poor guy is standing around looking for his buddy that wandered off. He said he'd be back in a few minutes, but it's been at least twenty five. When a guy says he'll be back in a few minutes, he never actually means that. It's like telling someone that you went you to high school that you'll call them after you run into them at Target. Or telling a girl that you put the condom on. #UnsafeSexIsCool

9:19: It's dumb when rich people try to make themselves look like they're not rich. For whatever reason, they tend to do that at shows like this. You can always point them out, though. They just walk differently than the rest of us. It's like picking out zombies from the uninfected.

9:34: Matisyahu has made his way out. He does so to a backdrop of typical Matisyahuan mood-building sonic brooding. He eventually starts beatboxing. He's wearing jeans, an Adidas jacket and a yarmulke, which we're told is not okay to refer to as a "tiny Jew hat."

9:38: Okay, he's pretty good. Fuck. Half our jokes just went out the window.

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