Lady Gaga Style Tips From Two Houston Experts

This coming weekend, Houston will be engulfed by the Lady Gaga phenomenon. Taking equal parts Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Klaus Nomi and a dash of new-school decadence, the New York-bred star has set a whole new course for pop music and even pop culture in general.

Among other things, Gaga is reinventing music videos. The days of the eight-minute epics are back, with her clips for "Telephone" and "Alejandro" both feeling like mini-movies in terms of scope and budget.

For most people she's disposable pap that will be gone by next summer, but to the more adventurous and artistic she's been an inspiration for those so inclined to design artwork and clothing based on her videos and photo shoots.

Recently, Rocks Off spoke with two Houston women who have dissected Gaga's art and back-engineered her designs to create them for themselves. Local artist Elizabeth Fowler and clothing designer Ginger Martinez take us through a brief tutorial over some of Gaga's easiest looks to pull off ahead of this weekend's two sold-out shows, and also their thoughts on the Gaga revolution as a whole.

Elizabeth Fowler (left) and Ginger Martinez
Rocks Off: What Gaga costume is your favorite and why?

Ginger Martinez: The orbital rings I love, because it's symbolic of how the music and pop culture world revolve around her right now.

Elizabeth Fowler: I'm a big fan of the headpiece she's wearing in "Alejandro" with the lace goggles and of course, the Alexander McQueen shoes. Actually, I love the entire phase she's in right now. Lacy couture with a slightly gothic feel.

RO: What's the easiest Gaga costume to pull off for someone without a lot of materials or money? The hardest?

GM: I prefer to mix the looks together and make them my own. I think it's important to get creative even when trying to recreate her outfits since she's all about innovation and personal style. Somarta body suits are a great foundation to add on to for the more recent looks if you have the funds.

We have no idea who Little Miss Muffet is there.
EF: I have yet to see the bubble outfit she wore on her first cover of Rolling Stone done well. Most people use clear plastic Christmas ornaments in various sizes or balloons.

The best I've seen is the one Ginger made for a costume contest we entered. She used the Christmas balls, and they kept falling off all night and were quite noisy. I'd proceed with caution when trying this look unless you have plenty of time and money.

Easier and less expensive looks could include the studded bra-and-panty set from the "Telephone" video and a couple of Diet Coke cans rolled up in your hair. If you're not feeling quite that daring you can throw on an old leather jacket.

And there's always everyone's favorite, my Halloween costume from last year (seen here), with the American Apparel unitard, circle scarf in either red or black, over-sized boxy sunglasses, heels and a blonde wig.

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