Ex-DJ Brandi Garcia Happy To Move On Beyond The Box

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Photos courtesy of Brandi Garcia
When Rocks Off got DJ Brandi Garcia on the phone a couple of weeks removed from her controversial dismissal from 97.9 The Box for playing a Trae track at an unrelated concert, we were anticipating her to call us from a frigid office full of books with legal jargon in them, as she crouched over a fancy speakerphone, sitting in a big gaudy black leather chair with her legal counsel sitting next to her, helping field questions from this interrogating reporter (us).

Not a chance.

She was on her cell phone, talking to us with not her lawyer, but the guy changing her oil at her side.

All hell, go ahead and let the air out of our balloon.

Garcia talked to Rocks Off Tuesday about pretty much everything - very openly. Very nonchalant. Not dramatic at all. Kind of anti-climactic, really.

You know what? Those are the signs of moving on. She isn't being faithful to the firing controversy. In fact ... what's that saying? "You're only as faithful as your options."

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Garcia tells Rocks Off she's talking to a couple of local affiliates about hosting a TV show interviewing music artists and playing music video mixes. She's doing some voice work for a radio station in Los Angeles. She's chatting with some magazines about writing for them. She's considering her... options.

"This situation has pushed me in the direction of a vacation," she says. "I'm going to Orlando this weekend to check out the new Harry Potter theme park. Maybe I'll go overseas."

Damn it, Brandi. No tears? How about some sort of life lesson from this mess?

"I learned that when you go through anything that is life-changing, your faith, your family and your friends are what's most important," she says.

"I've learned how important relationships are. You realize who is cool with you and who is not. I learned the value of staying true to yourself. That's made me fine throughout this transition."

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