Trae Supporters Call For Boycott Of 97.9 The Box

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Photos by Erik Quinn
Trae (left) and K-Rino

Thursday night, Trae and his camp hosted a Town Hall Meeting at the Shape Community Center to open a community discussion regarding the increasingly involved Trae vs. The Box saga that seems to grow more and more surreal each day.

The objective of the meeting was to a) for what might have been the first official time, allow Trae to address the situation in a public forum; and b) encourage the community to plant its feet thick in the firmament of the "I'm On Trae's Side" grass-roots campaign. It ended with the a series of boycotts looming for 97.9 The Box.

A bunch of bulleted notes from the evening for you to peruse are after the jump, including more details about the boycott.


  • Shape is the quintessential inner-city community center. It recently celebrated its 41st anniversary, and just feels like an important place. That Shape not only welcomed Trae et. al, but have fully embraced him and his cause, is a monumental co-sign. For cripe's sake, Shape has a group there called The Elder's Institute of Wisdom. How can they ever be wrong about anything? It's like having Kobe Bryant co-sign for you at a pick-up game.

  • Prior to the evening, there was a debate via email among a few regular Rocks Off readers regarding what the evening's soundtrack should include if compiled from Trae's discography. Songs that definitely made the final cut: "Stressin' Me," "Days of My Life," "Ain't No Turning Back" and "How Could You" from Losing Compsure; "Had Enough" and "Let Me Live" from Same Thing Different Day; "Restless" and "Matter of Time" from Restless; "Life Goes On" from Life Goes On; and "I Could Use Somebody" from The Incredible Truth.

  • They handed out T-shirts to everyone that read "I'm On Trae's Side." We asked Brother Derek, one of the guys in charge of the evening's event, if there were some "I'm Not On Trae's Side" T-shirts that would be available for any dissenters that might show up. He didn't think it near as humorous as we did.

  • Another note about the shirts, because we know that's what you're interested in: Trae was handing them out beforehand personally. He asked what size we needed. Small, we said. His response: "...Damn."

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