Post-Apocalyptic Videos, Rap Cartoons And Plenty Of Punk History

Pale, the mainstream-y dark rock band from Houston, has a new video out for their song "Catostrophic Skies," featuring a high-concept post-apocalyptic motorcycle gang. It's kinda goofy. But hell, look at those production values.

• Last month Rocks Off asked Which ACL headliners might play Houston on their swing south. Now we have a answer for another one. Vampire Weekend is coming Oct. 7, reports 29-95.

• Dallas sibling DC9 at Night announces that The Go-Gos have cancelled their upcoming farewell tour due to guitarist Jane Wiedlin's need for surgery following a hiking fall. They weren't comng to Houston anyway, but if you got tickets to their Dallas or Austin gigs in July it's time to start working on a refund.

• Former sister paper The Nashville Scene ran a cover story earlier this month about the
lack of women on the production side of the music business. According to the story, Women account for less than 5 percent of producers and engineers. It's an engaging read if you are at all interested in the diversification of the music business.

• Remember that video of the Worst Wedding DJ EVAR we posted last month? Urlesque has a follow-up interview with the guy, who claims the boob-bongo-ing was not planned, the couple nevere paid him, and he's suing the guy who recorded the viral video.

Solange Knowles dj-ed a gig in New York this weekend, leading Village Voice music blog Sound of the City to call her a hipster.

Culturemap interviews Houston/Austin native Stephanie Bailey, ass-kicking drummer for The Black Angels, who have a song on the new Twilight soundtrack and a new album coming out later this year.

Trae the Truth has an animated series? Looks like Episode 3 is up now on World Star Hip Hop. Definitely not safe for kids. Speaking of, Trae Day is coming up July 22, featuring Lupe Fiasco, Wacka Flocka, Yo Gotti and more at the old International Ballroom, 14035 S. Main. More on Trae both in print and on Rocks Off tomorrow.

• Looking for something to do on the upcoming July 4 weekend other than listening to Pat Green caterwaul along the bayou? Head down to Galveston for Bonesrock, a memorial concert for Texas City musician Kevin Bones, who was killed in a triple homicide in San Antonio last Fourth of July weekend.

• The Heights Life blog takes a look inside the 226 Recordings studio on 19th Street.

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