Live From The Local LCD Soundsystem Video Shoot

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Photos by Craig Hlavaty
Wednesday, the Funwunce art collective filmed a video for LCD Soundsystem's upcoming single "Home" off new LP This Is Happening. The video shoot took them through various locations around Houston, including Dirt Bar off Yale, where Rocks Off caught up with the cast and crew, including a robotic DJ.

When we showed up at Dirt, director Mark Armes was shepherding the girls that showed up to the shoot into a back room of the bar to lounge and coo over the robot. As far as we know, everything went as PG-rated as planned. A few minutes (and drinks), later the crew and the robot came out in to the main room of Dirt to film a partied-down DJ set with the robot on the decks for the duration of the track.


The robot and lights were then moved on to 1812 Calumet in the Museum District for the house-party segment of the shoot at the compound. Rocks Off didn't make it that far, but from what we heard on Twitter from folks that made it out, Mad Dog and Four Loko was involved.


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