Little Joe Washington Moved To Private Room At Ben Taub

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Jay Lee
Rocks Off just received this update on Little Joe Washington's condition from his friend (and ours) Reg Burns:

Just left from seeing Joe. He was been moved out of SICU and is on the same floor, unit 4B, room 7, bed 3.

He immediately recognized me and seems more cognizant than the last time I saw him. He was pretty talkative, but is quite weak. They said he should probably be there until maybe Monday and then transferred to a rehab hospital for maybe a couple of weeks.

They're starting to feed him solid food for the first time, though he hadn't eaten yet. He's quite foggy about the last two and a half weeks and doesn't remember going to the hospital or just about anything from that point on. I asked him if he remembered playing HOB and he did.

He has a TV (though he wasn't interested in watching while I was there) and his own phone.

Ben Taub's main number is 713-873-2000.

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