Has 50 Cent Jumped The Shark?

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9:24 p.m.: While waiting at the box office to get our tickets a kid walks up and asks, "Excuse me, how much are tickets?" He looks absolutely crushed when he hears that they're about $50. It's super sad to see. I mean, he just wanted to see the show. He's all dressed up and everything. If you look sad enough outside of a show, they should just let you in.

9:24:02: See, this is why I could never be a drug dealer. I'm way too soft. Also, there's no way a drug dealer would ever use the phrase "super sad" to describe anything.

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Thug: Yo, did you hear what happened to L-Boogie?

Drug Dealer: Yeah, I heard he got his head split in two.

T: Yep.

DD: Super sad.

T: ...

DD: Sorry.

9:31: Full disclaimer: As soon as we finished interviewing 50 a couple of days before this show, we immediately fired off a handful of "OMG, I totally just got off the phone with 50 Cent. Swoon, swoon, swoon."-type text messages. If this review is tinged with fanboyness, sorry. That's just the way these types of things work sometime.

9:43: Well, that was pretty fanfare-less. Some hype man comes out, makes some "Are you ready to party with 50 Cent?"-type comments and then 50 comes wandering out. Was expecting a bit more of an intro.

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