Hanson, Boys Like Girls Top Bamboozle's Pop-Punk Marathon

Hanson Autographs A.jpg
Photos by Matthew Keever
Hanson signs autographs after the "Mmmbop" boys' Bamboozle set.

As Aftermath made our way into Verizon Wireless for Bamboozle 2010 Friday night, we were greeted by Cady Groves' voice coupled with melodic guitar and salsa shakers. We knew Good Charlotte, Cartel, All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids and a few others from the tour's lineup, but Groves' punkish whine came as a surprise, because we didn't know any female-fronted bands would be in attendance. (At first, we thought the group was a Paramore cover band.)

And according to an interview with Spinner in March, we weren't far off as far as influences go. When asked to describe her vocal sound in her own words, Groves told Spinner, "I would say if Miranda Lambert, Paramore, Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift all had a less talented baby, that would be me."

The next five hours were filled with upbeat, rhythmic pop-punk that both entertained and enraged us. One minute, we were reminded of middle school; the next we wanted to strangle all the kids who were singing along to songs about how parents just don't understand while they spent their parents' hard-earned cash on merch.

Cartel A.jpg

Cartel (above) took the stage after Groves, and while Aftermath is only familiar with two of the band's songs, the adolescent crowd began to dance and cheer, so they must have performed on par with what they sound like on their albums. We were bobbing our head to the beat, too.

Texas' own Forever the Sickest Kids, a guilty pleasure of sorts for Aftermath, came next, and the band's don't-take-ourselves-too-seriously attitude along with its witty, Panic! at the Disco-esque lyrics had us smiling. But who can resist these lyrics?

"I'm in love with a girl I hate... she's a backseat driver, a drama provider, a first-class liar, a constant forgetter, attractive but bitter." The band may be from Dallas, but we'll let that slide because of their fun factor.

FTSK's lead singer was especially charismatic, jumping around the stage, interacting with the crowd between songs, and he even handed his microphone stand to his fans and declared, "Look, it's crowd surfing!"

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