Girl Talk + Toilet Paper + Mash-Ups + Balloons = Party!

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Marc Brubaker

Aftermath didn't think it was possible to up the ante any more at this year's Summerfest until Girl Talk took the stage Saturday night. In our estimation, it was the biggest and baddest Summerfest party to date.

We might even venture to say that achieved the biggest and baddest summer party in Houston history...ever. And it was a feat that our city so desperately needed. Being the good scientist that he is, Girl Talk likely calculated the formula for the perfect party the night before his Summerfest set.

That formula looks something like this: One part toilet paper blasting machine; two parts giant bouncing balloons; four parts onstage dance party (including festival volunteers); one part confetti; one part rave-dancing dude dressed head to toe in red spandex a la green man from It's Always Sunny...; 10 parts mash-ups and four parts fireworks finale.

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Marco Torres

Before Girl Talk entered the stage, a slowed-down version of the Black Eyed Peas's "I've Gotta Feeling" warmed up the crowd. No, we at Rocks Off are not personal fans of the tune - even when it's slowed down - but the crush of people from atop the hill to the front of the stage seemed to dig it immensely, singing along in a tempo that would make Paul Wall smile.

Girl Talk rushed onstage and hopped up on top of his tables, shirtless and arms spread outwards. He greeted the crowd and jumped back behind his tables, spinning Ciara's "My Goodies" followed by a Ramones - "Blitzkreig Bop" and Missy Elliott - "Get Your Freak On" mash-up. He was soon joined by a throng of people who flooded the stage, many of whom wore Summerfest volunteer shirts.

They danced brazenly behind his tables, creating a house party-like vibe onstage. A Speedo and fanny pack-clad Dennis Rodman lookalike fronted this ragtag, impromptu band of backup dancers, leading the crowd.

It was a party, no holds were barred and no expense spared. One of the onstage house party dancers unveiled what looked to be a leaf blower turned toilet-paper streamer. The contraption spat of line upon line of toilet paper that twirled about in the air, landing both onstage and on the crowd below. Then came giant bouncing balloons falling from the ceiling, followed by a shower of confetti. A large video screen on stage right beamed visuals of animated hamburgers and hot dogs.

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