F**k You Very Much, Austin

• Talk about buzzkill. During All Time Low's Bamboozle Roadshow performance at Six Flags in Arlington last week, amusement park security pepper-sprayed a handful of preteens who rushed the stage in a surge of prepubescent hormonal musical bliss. The band gave the security an earful of Fuck You! and as a result, was been banned from playing the tour's show the next day at Six Flags in San Antonio, according to sister blog DC9 at Night.

Read Rocks Off's review of the Houston stop, where no one got maced, right here.

• It's not exactly Houston-related, but it's too good not to share, and if you're still suffering from the post-Summerfest withdrawal blues, this just might make your day: 40 minutes of Fugazi stage banter in MP3 form. Utne Reader has a sampling of some of the dialogue, which includes this hilarious nugget:

I saw you eating ice cream pal! You're bad now, but you were eating an ice cream cone and I saw you. That's the shit you can't hide! Ice-cream-eating motherfucker. That's what you are.

It's like the perfect antidote to all the shitty crowds we've encountered.

AudioADD talkes about how to discover great new music in the Internet age. The answer? Roulette!

Sound Exchange is compiling a YouTube channel featuring all the videos that been shot at shows in the tiny record store over the years. If you have a video to add to the collection, contact them at store@soundexchangehouston.com.

Something Fierce has released its newest single, "Empty Screens".

• One Austinite's opinion of Summerfest: "For the moment, Houston thought it was Austin" and "Houstonians don't know how to party". Well, fuck you very much.

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