Fat Tony, Uh Huh Her, Slim & Bun Beat The Summerfest Heat

Eggs/ breakfastontour.com
Fat Tony popped up during the Eastern Sea's set as well.
For years, Aftermath has listened to young people complain about Houston's (supposed) lack of a music scene. He has even been guilty of believing it at times - hey, we were all young once. But over the weekend, Summer Fest hit the spot for both us and the entire Houston community, accommodating over 50 local and national acts.

The weekend started out on a bit of a sour note, though: As Aftermath waited patiently in line - no Fancy Pants for us, thank you - we anxiously checked the time, making a mental countdown to 2 p.m., when the gates would finally open. But the appointed hour came and went, and we were still in line... for at least another 15 minutes.

When we finally made it in, we headed straight for the Dos Equis stage, where Fat Tony was scheduled to play at 2:05. As we arrived, we heard Tony tell the crowd, "All right, we've got one more for you," and the beat for Invasion began to play. Seriously?

After his set, as is his usual routine, Tony hopped offstage and began selling T-shirts and CDs, and as we walked up to talk to him, Aftermath heard him say something about getting signed.

fireworks A.jpg
Eggs/ breakfastontour.com
Girl Talk's set didn't set off any fireworks for this writer.
AM: You got signed?

Fat Tony (smiling): Yeah.

AM: What label?

FT (still smiling): Can't say.

(As soon as we find out, you'll be the first to know.)

As we walked around the beautiful park, we saw that everyone was genuinely having a good time. Though, judging by the paleness of most people's skin, it was the first time they had been out before nightfall in a long time. Rocks Off isn't one to talk though; we're pasty as hell.

At the end of the first day, our only real lament was that Girl Talk had the highest turnout. Really, guys? The guy's catchphrase is, "I'm not a DJ." So what exactly does he do, click a button on his Macbook? Hell, give Aftermath the stage, and we'll kick it old-school.

Sunday was a little harder, not only because it was hotter and less overcast but because our legs were still tired from the first day, and we didn't pack enough sunscreen; there isn't enough lotion in the world to protect our neck from the sun.

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