Charlie Campbell: Like H.P. Lovecraft On X

charlie campbell.jpg
Modern horror films dealing with the supernatural all have the same moment: A minor character, one who you know for a fact isn't going to make it to the end credits alive, stumbles across something very, very disturbing in the basement of an abandoned asylum or old house or something. Usually it involves some kind of ghost torturing something or rocking an empty bassinet slowly to look at our protagonist, smiling in a creepy way, and then rushing towards them through weird, jerky camera tricks.

When you watch the video for Charlie Campbell's "Paranoid," you are the victim in that moment.

There is just something so damn unnerving about this video. First of all, we have absolutely NO idea who or what Charlie Campbell is - male, female, carbon-based, whatever. It's from Chicago, it's electro-pop, and that's all we know. The rest is like H.P. Lovecraft on X.

See for yourself...

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