Where Are We Peeing And Saying FML?

WAWP May 21.jpg
Craig Hlavaty

The night Rocks Off stumbled (yes, stumbled) into this bar, we got to sit on a couch by ourselves while four nerds in front of us were playing an RPG together on four laptops, and what looked like two foreign-exchange students made out by candlelight while sitting across from each other.

Life doesn't get much more FML than those 20 minutes we shared with two glasses of red wine and one and half cigarettes. We accidentally flicked the cherry out of our second cig and left the bar in disgust, but not before we got to christen the men's room.

Now this is a bathroom we could not just pee in, but probably live in. It's huge, with plenty of leg room, a place to put our cellphone on that ledge and maybe even room for a bean-bag chair in the corner.

The picture doesn't do it justice, and we wouldn't post the better pictures lest any of you get any bright ideas and attempt steal our spot.

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