"Rap Song Or Murder Ballad" Revealed

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Rocks Off is really enjoying these little quizzes we've concocted, because it gives us a chance to revisit some of our favorite rap tunes and bask in the comforting knowledge that, whatever their time, place and circumstance of origin, songs about killing are pretty much all the same. We only wish we could have worked "Pardon Me, I've Got Someone to Kill" in there somewhere, but it was just a little too... polite.

But we hate to leave you in suspense for too long, so the answers to our blood-soaked brain-teaser are after the jump. Snoop and Tupac you may have guessed, but did you know the Dixie Chicks were in there? How about Sonic Youth?

If you haven't looked it over yet, give it a shot, and if you have any ideas for genres that could be easily confused, please let us know.

A. "A voice spoke to me and it slowly started saying/ 'Bring your lifestyle to me I'll make it better'/ How long will I live?/ 'Eternal life and forever'"

RAP (Snoop Dogg, "Murder Was the Case")

B. "She was low down and triflin'/ And she was cold and mean/ Kind of evil make me want to grab my submachine"

MURDER BALLAD (Johnny Cash, "Delia's Gone")

C. He said 'Mr. Motherfucker, you know who I am'/ And the barkeeper said, 'No, and I don't give a good goddamn'"

MURDER BALLAD (Nick Cave, "Stagger Lee")

D. "Go easy with your cold-fanged anger/ I'll stick my knife right down your throat" MURDER BALLAD (Rolling Stones, "Midnight Rambler")

E. "I never asked for nothing I don't demand of myself/ Honesty, loyalty, friends and then wealth/ Death before dishonor and I tell you what else/ I tighten my belt before I beg for help"

RAP (Jay-Z, "Justify My Thug")

F. "You'd better murder me/ Put me to rest/ 'Cause if you don't I'll come out shooting/ With my head in a bird's chest"

RAP (Bushwick Bill, "Chuckie")

G. "I didn't wanna /But she started to holler/ So I had to hit it"

MURDER BALLAD (Sonic Youth, "Death Valley '69")

H. "And in this land of conditions/ I'm not above suspicion/ I won't attack you/ But I won't back you"

MURDER BALLAD (Neil Young, "Revolution Blues")

I. "And in my mind I'm a blind man doing time/ Look to my future cause my past is all behind me/ Is it a crime, to fight, for what is mine?/ Everybody's dying, tell me what's the use of trying?"

RAP (2Pac, "Only God Can Judge Me")

J. "I no longer see the shadows that once kept me strong / And I'm starting to get that same feeling that kept me raw"

RAP (DMX, "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood")

K. "Wanted a pass/ So she relaxed/ Now the little groupie's getting' chopped up in the back"

MURDER BALLAD (Pearl Jam, "Dirty Frank")

L. "I read the paper there with Joe the Butcher/ He said one glance is all it took you, she's a real looker/ They say her old man's a bootlegger/ Transporting in any weather"

RAP (Nas, "Who Killed It?")

M. "As the 'copter dropped the gas he shouted 'Who cares?'/ They could hear him laughing as they started up the stairs"

MURDER BALLAD (Harry Chapin, "Sniper")

N. "Well the weeks went by and Spring turned to Summer/ And Summer faded into Fall/ And it turns out he was a missing person/ Who nobody missed at all"

MURDER BALLAD (Dixie Chicks, "Goodbye Earl")

O. "The gospel was told, some souls it swallowed whole/ Mentally they fold, and they eventually sold"

RAP (Wu-Tang Clan, "A Better Tomorrow")

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