Pale Shines At Pershing Middle School Benefit

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Photos by Matthew Keever
Monday night, Pale, the Classix and the Pershing Middle School band, which lost all of its band equipment in a recent bus fire, were scheduled to perform in the House of Blues' Bronze Peacock Room. Although the students never showed, the gig was still a success.

The show was originally planned to begin at 6 p.m., but it was pushed back at the last minute to 7 p.m. Since it was for a good cause, Aftermath didn't let it sour our mood. Pale, a Houston-based band that moved to Los Angeles and back in the last year, may have secured a spot on the next Twilight soundtrack, or so we heard.

While Aftermath may not be the biggest Stephenie Meyer fan, we realize that landing a spot on a wildly popular series' soundtrack could be a big opportunity for an independent artist.

"It's between us and Radiohead," Pale's vocalist and rhythm guitarist Calvin Stanley said. "But it's looking good."

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Stanley told us that PaLE almost made it onto the last Twilight soundtrack and that within the next ten days, the band will know for sure whether it has made the final cut for Eclipse. From what we saw and heard, we sure hope so. "We know what it's like to lose an instrument... or two," Stanley said from the stage. "This is for the kids."

A few songs in, the band was handed a round of shots from an anonymous onlooker. Stanley and his crew laughed.

"This is for the kids, too," he said, gulping down the drink and chasing it with a swig of beer. "We've been called an anomaly in this town, but whatever. It's our town."

PaLE then proceeded to play a melody-driven, alternative-rock set full of sentiment. Although their music may not be Aftermath's preferred genre, by the end of the show, we were hoping they had CDs for sale.

At 8:10 p.m., all of 37 people (including Rocks Off and the venue's staff) were inside the Peacock Room. A dozen or so people meandered outside.

"We wish we could have promoted this more to help the kids," bassist Stephen Wesson said. "But hey, anything and everything helps. We're just happy to be here."

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