Whoa! 21 Famous Musicians' High School Yearbook Photos

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Willie Nelson, the LAST time he had his hair short.
While Rocks Off was seeking out the best rock star yearbook photos for this blog, we came to a conclusion: Everyone was ugly in their yearbook photos, except Gwen Stefani and Beyonce Knowles. Everyone else looks weird as hell, or nothing like their current selves. Being humane, we won't post rapper Lil' Jon's yearbook pic. You can do that evil all by yourself. Jonathan Mortimer Smith is a sight to behold. Yeeee-ahhh!.

Sure, we understand that those are the most awkward years of your life. Parents are dicks, girls and boys smell bad and act worse, and your teachers are either trying to sabotage your success or sleep with you. In Rocks Off's own 2001 senior-yearbook photo, we hadn't quite mastered the art of having two distinct eyebrows or growing a beard, so we have no qualms calling these folks out.

It's fun to see all these badasses and sexpots when they were just that creepy kid who carved GWAR into the detention hall desks or the girl with the mousy smile that would one day wear a pack of lit cigarettes as eyewear.

We rounded up a gaggle of high school pics of some rock, pop and rap's biggest stars for you to take a gander at. Some haven't changed much at all, while some are barely recognizable. Or in Katy Perry's case, just seem to have been born hot. Seriously, we would have walked her to every class and even let her cheat off our English homework. We would have made out with her during Titanic, or at least told people we did.

This one goes out to the high-school graduating class of 2010. This is a class whose students were somehow born the same year that Nevermind hit No. 1 on the charts and the Pauly Shore vehicle Encino Man began warming the world's hearts. Remember guys, the world is yours... for now. Squeeze the juice out of that sucker for us old-timers.


Lady Gaga


Looking at her in the hallway between classes, would you ever think she would wear shrouds of tulle and wear a dress made of bubbles? Plus, she was actually pretty cute, even though she had a wicked Didi Conn thing going on.

Beyonce Knowles


This picture is either from Alief Elsik High or HSPVA over in Montrose, and even then, Beyonce looked drop-dead awesome. Check out her man Hova in elementary school.

Avril Lavigne


Avril looks like a good half of the chicks we went to high school with. She probably played the flute too. This is a junior high pic from Canada, before she sorta dropped out to be a pop star and make neckties an accessory for girls all over.

Katy Perry


We wonder if Katy Perry was a bitch in school; she does have that glare about her. She may have had her own table with her own minions, too. You can tell by the Bebe shirt.

Adam Lambert


Never in a thousand years would we expect this person to be kissing boys on live television and looking like a drag king.

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