Flaming Lips Still On For Summerfest... For Now

nashvilleunderwater neuski.jpg
Neuski via flickr.com
The Grand Ole Opry, which was supposed to celebrate its 85th birthday party May 25, is currently underwater, like most of Nashville (above). Nashville Public Radio is reporting that the Cumberland River crested at a whopping 52 feet. When does hurricane season start again?

Hirsute music writer Mills McCoin follows up Rocks Off's post on Concert Etiquette for Dummies with some tips of his own.

Ever wonder what happened to Pale after they left Houston for Los Angeles? Houston Calling has an update.

And this is last week's news, but Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips was hospitalized in Florida, causing the band to cancel their appearance at Palm Beach's Sunfest and well as the Memphis in May Festival this weekend. Omar Afra of the Free Press writes on the Hands Up Houston board, "We have been more than assured by the band and mangagement [sic] that they are good to go for Houston... Steven's hometown." No information about Drozd's hospitalization has been released, but the musician's lifelong battle with heroin was the subject of the 2005 Lips documentary shot by fellow Oklahoman Brad Beesley, The Fearless Freaks. The film is available on HULU.

Broken Record blogger Jeff Balke has an interesting breakdown of Apple's purchase of and decision to shut down Lala the online music streaming service which our own Craig Hlavaty is addicted to.

Erykah Badu has pled not guilty to charges of indecency stemming from her amazing nekkid Dealey Plaza music video. The ever-fascinating blog MetaFilter breaks down the Dallas native's defense - does nudity always equal indecency? Also, money quote:

"There's a certain irony here that people who didn't want to see a naked Erykah Badu are pressing charges while thousands of people on the Web who do want to see a naked Erykah Badu get the pixellated version."

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