Fat Tony Leaks New Freestyle Track

Marc Brubaker
Thursday night, local rapper Fat Tony sent us this leak of a freestyle he recorded back over the Christmas holidays with Tom Cruz, June James and Smash Bro. Shit like this makes us feel like badasses while sitting in our cubicle drinking coffee and fielding e-mails from PR people. Tony's verses come first. Cruz also did production duties for Tony's upcoming RABDARGAB release.

But the best thing about this blog post, besides the new Tony track, is that we can show you this pic of Fat Tony riding a goat. It almost made the print issue of last week's Twitterverse story in which Tony was featured, but cooler heads prevailed. People taking pics with those poor goats at the children's area in the Houston Zoo is becoming an epidemic, and even Rocks Off isn't immune.

What? Goats are super-metal.

Fat Tony plays Free Press Summerfest at 2:10 p.m. Saturday, June 5, on the Dos Equis Stage, and with Brains for Dinner, B L A C K I E, Ghost Town Electric and the Burden Friday, June 11, at Walter's on Washington, 713-862-2513 or www.4215washington.com.

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