Exile In The 21st Century: Stones Porn For Music Geeks

It's been awhile since footage of an assembly line and industrial machines made Rocks Off all hot and bothered, so when we stumbled upon this clip from the factory making the Super Deluxe Edition reissue of the Rolling Stones' landmark album Exile On Main Street, we had to walk away from our desk and take a lap outside.

The album will be issued Tuesday in two formats: This version you see being assembled in the video, and another cheaper version which includes the extra tracks that Mick and Keith found while restoring the Stones' 1972 masterpiece plus a new single, "Plundered My Soul."

The most tragic thing is that the monster edition will set you back upwards of $150 depending on where you go, but it looks incredibly worth it. In it you will get the album on vinyl, a 30-minute documentary DVD, and a collector's book with photos. The DVD footage is culled from concerts and recording sessions during the era with new interviews spread throughout. It's the kind of stuff you can't just rip off a torrent site or burn from a friend. It's tactile.

The Exile album also contains the song "Rocks Off," from which our blog takes name. The original is 18 songs of straight-ahead sleazy rock, a veritable Kobe beef steak of blues, decadence and hard-bitten guitar skronk. Some say it is the last truly great album the band ever made, and with each listen we keep agreeing.

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