Drake Gets Plenty Of Love From His Unofficial Hometown

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Photos by Marco Torres

8:11 p.m.: Aftermath ends up having to park three floors down in the underground Bayou Place parking lot. We elect to take the stairs up to the street. We do this in part because it seems really lazy to take an elevator up three floors, but mostly because underground parking garages always feel like the perfect place to get murdered.

Add to that the fact that we have a really irrational fear of Michael Myers standing there when the elevator doors open, and getting in an elevator while in an underground parking garage is paramount to sprinting head first into oncoming traffic. This has nothing to do with Drake. Sorry.

8:23: Drake has become THE marquee guy from that new wave of rappers that came exploding onto the scene a ways back (i.e. Wale, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, etc.), which automatically makes him more susceptible to criticism and unfounded dislike. We too were guilty of a presumptuous "That guy has to be a total dick; I mean, just look at him" charge. Curious to see how he moves in real life.

8:24: DJ Brandi Garcia is here DJing before the show kicks off. She announces, "I'm gonna bring out my good friend," then Trae comes rumbling out. This is the second time in the past few weeks we've seen Garcia co-sign for him; remarkable considering the Trae vs. The Box thing is still a hot talking point. Good for her. Or bad for her. Who knows anymore?

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8:36: Trae is doing that "Still Gets No Love" track. (The one that's an upset, angry flip of "Piece Of My Love" by Guy.) There's just something great about a room half-full with white people singing, "...Get mad if you want to, kiss my black ass."

8:40: It's pretty much a given that when you see Trae at a show, he and his people will be holding handfuls of stuff that they'll be handing out for free; lately it's been those bobbleheads of himself. Tonight, in addition to the bobbleheads, he's apparently giving away a pair of "swangers," which are some very fancy, very expensive, very thuggish rims for a car. They cost in the four-digit range.

A white girl gets pulled up out of the crowd as the winner. Her name is Molly. Tomorrow, there will be a white woman named Molly driving around Houston on swangers. Lovely. 8:59: When you're alone, that song "All The Way Turn't Up" sounds like it was written by a retard. When you're in a room full of people though and it's being played very loudly, it sounds like it was written by a genius.

9:18: Show is getting ready to start. Our concert cohort - the group of people standing around us - looks to be a solid mix. It's Weird Lonely Puffy Hair Guy, Thug Mexican And His Chunky Girlfriend, Tall Grumpy Black Woman Who Might Be About Ten Years Too Old To Be Here, Two Stoner Girls In Knit Hats and Skinny Girl Who Knows Half Of The Words To All The Rap Songs But Sings Them Like She Knows All The Words. Very nice. 9:20: Guess which member of our cohort brought an extra pair of shoes for when her feet started to hurt? Yep. That'd be Tall Grumpy Black Woman.

9:24: And we're off. Drake blasts out. The place erupts. He starts off with "Forever." Nice opener. Prop bet odds for the show tonight:

  • Drake hat-tips a deceased Houston rapper more than twice: 4 to 7
  • "Mo City Don Freestyle" gets played: 10 to 3
  • Bun B makes an appearance: Do the odds even matter here? Are you seriously going to bet against this? It could be a bajillion to one. Whatever. Don't bet against.
  • He ends the show with "Over": 8 to 3
9:25: Oh snap. There's a guy playing a keytar on stage.

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