Wowee Zowee! Summerfest and Pegstar Do It Again!


Since the Summerfest 2010 announcement in February, Houston has been abuzz about the festival's line-up, heading up the Flaming Lips and Girl Talk. Word came down last night that another name has been added to the list of headliners. Let's just say that you summer babes may have to cut your hair before June, if you get our drift.

Last night Rocks Off was at Mangos taking in another night of stellar country from Robert Ellis & the Boys when we began chatting with one of the Summerfest organizers, Omar Afra. He had been furiously typing on his iPhone most of the night, so we didn't approach him until he was off the phone.

Afra and Rocks Off were talking about upcoming concerts in general and what we were looking forward to, including June's Summerfest, when he became flustered and kept asking if he was "on the record." We have begun getting this a lot around town, at bars and at shows, so we are used to it by now. Soon Afra let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Closing out the last of the two nights of Summerfest 2010 will be newly reunited indie-rock gods Pavement. The band, led by Stephen Malkmus, just recently hooked back up for a line of shows and festival dates. Afra had approached the band's management and booking people around the time they finally sealed the deal with headliners the Flaming Lips, as a sort of "safety band" in case Wayne Coyne and his famous bubble backed out of the Eleanor Tinsley Park throwdown.

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