Where Are We Peeing (And Buying Possibly Stolen Merchandise)?

Craig Hlavaty

​Haggard Gentleman: "You ever saw that movie Righteous Kill with Robert De Niro?"

Where Are We Peeing: "Yeah, I guess so. Why?"


HG: "You wanna buy it?"

WAWP: "Nah, I'm cool. Thanks though."

HG: "You wanna get fucked up? I have Vicodin and some sherm. You wanna smoke? You want a tape deck?"


WAWP: "Ah, well... huh?"

This happened this past week at a haunt off Main Street. If you don't already have even the tiniest inkling of where we were peeing and being mentally tasered, then maybe you get more bottle service than we do. You can smoke inside this place, all the while gandering at some of the most mind-bending art in town. And you know, buy stuff that crackheads have stolen out of parked cars and off each other.

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