Sentury Is Going To "Lose Control" All Over Your Ass

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First, a qualifier: When we talk about Mo'Nique, same as when we talk about anybody, we're referring to her as an entity, not a person. (That is not a fat joke.) We have absolutely no real way of discerning what type of person she actually is. In regards to her as a human being, she might be just about the best. Who knows?

That said, Mo'Nique, who brings her "Spread the Love" tour to Reliant Arena Saturday, is just about the worst. Ack. It's hard to explain exactly what it is that makes her so unbearable - it likely has something to do with how she overlaughs at everything, and how she coasted through the early part of her career content to reinforce stereotypes; or maybe it's because she gave thought that making her name into a contraction would somehow make her more interesting - we just know that she is. Matter of fact, we hear that in important Hollywood entertainment-industry circles she's referred to as "The One We Do Not Speak Of," like an actress-version of those monsters from The Village.

If you've not bothered to pay her any mind, here are a few movies she has holstered in her filmography:

3 Strikes

Baby Boy (This is actually a better movie than you'd assume it to be, but not because of her.)

Soul Plane

Hair Show

Phat Girlz


It's not exactly a powerhouse lineup. Still, we are not so nearsighted that we can not recognize that Ms. 'Nique, clean off what can only be described as a splendid performance in Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire, which landed her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, has the entertainment industry's ear at the moment. Which is why it was a noteworthy accomplishment that Houston's Sentury appeared on Mo'Nique's BET program earlier this week.

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