Screwed Up Click Reunion: "If You Take A Bath Every Day, Make Some Noise!"

SUC reunion B.jpg
Photos by Shea Serrano
Don't Worry About Mine: Big Pokey (left, onstage) gets him some at the Southside Smoke Shop.
2:58 p.m.: So this thing was supposed to start at 2 p.m., right? And we purposely got here an hour late so as to miss a significant portion of the standing around portion of the show. Only we just got texts from a few of the big name guys performing saying that they weren't going to get here until around six or seven. Dammit. We're going home.

6:10: So we're back. Walking up towards the stage again - this show is literally just a stage that's been set up in the parking lot right in front of the Southside Smoke Shop - the MC is talking some nonsense about how he wants a fine blind girl in a wheelchair. Looks like we got here just in time.

6:12: The show is plenty packed. There has to be at least five or 600 people out. This is both very good and very bad. Good because it's nice to see people turn out for events like these. Bad because it looks like there's only one port-a-potty out here. You know the disappointed "This Is Not What I Was Expecting" face that the guys in those gangbang porno scenes make while they're standing around watching a girl have sex with two other dudes? That's the face a bunch of people are going to be making pretty soon.

6:16: Big Pokey is on stage. He's very bear-like, like a great big rapping panda. Wonder how he'd respond if you tried to feed him some eucalyptus leaves.

6:21: Oh shit. Z-Ro is up sauntering around in the background on stage.

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6:29: Revelation of the Day: Bringing your pitbull to a show like this is the doucho hood equivalent to wearing a sparkly Christian Audigier shirt to the club. Chew on that.

6:30: Attn Ladies: Just because you squeeze into a pair of Apple Bottoms jeans does not automatically mean that your bottom looks like an apple. Gross. Someone should really consider making a line of jeans for women that are too big for Apple Bottoms. You could call it Potato Bottoms or whatever. That seems way more appropriate.

6:34: Booyah! "Ball and Parlay." Great song. You forget how many singable songs Pokey has in the bank until he does a show like this.

6:35: "Southside We Roll On Choppas." Pokey is, as they say, doing the damn thing right now. Why don't more people talk about this guy? Oh that's right, because people are idiots.

6:37: Nice. Pokey worked "Don't Worry 'Bout Mine" into his playlist, the song from Z-Ro's Cocaine that he's featured on. He employs Ro to "grab a mic, big homie." The crowd eats it up.

6:38: Okay, are we the only ones that notice that Ro's mic isn't on and he's just lip syncing? Not cool. Someone should really say something to Ro about that. So he can murder you.

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