Now-Former Wired Live Announcing New Name This Afternoon

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Chris Gray
Click on this image to read the amusing message, and Bible verses, someone scrawled on this flyer.
Rocks Off just spoke with Jeff Barry, attorney for SG Properties, the landlords who locked out Wired Live/Chartres Entertainment owner Anosh Ahmed overnight Wednesday for nonpayment of rent. Barry confirmed that all shows scheduled for Wired Live will go on as planned, and that effective immediately, he is the general manager of the club, which will announce a new name later on today.

"In the words of Alexander Haig, I am in charge here," he said. For you youngsters, the late Haig was the first Secretary of State in the Reagan administration and, despite the 25th amendment, uttered those words after the attempt on Reagan's life in 1981.

Barry explained that the lockout (which he said is being revised today) is actually a provision in the Texas Property Code called a landlord's lien. "I've got his stuff, and I'm going to keep it until he pays me," he said. "I anticipate an amicable resolution to everything in short order."

Barry said he is still finalizing some details with the state of Texas, but will announce the club's new name later on this afternoon. "If you've lived in Houston for a while, you'll probably remember it," he said.

The renovations already in progress at the Old Chinatown venue will continue, and may even be accelerated, Barry added. "[The lockout] is just a little bit of drama," he said. "It's been a distraction more than anything else."

Rocks Off left a message on Ahmed's voicemail. We'll let you know if he gets back to us.

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