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Jay Lee
2009 HPMA Best Blues, Best Guitarist and Local Musician of the Year Little Joe Washington
Rocks Off is about to take the first steps down the long and winding road to this year's Houston Press Music Awards in late July, but we'd like our readers' help with something first. We will be revising the list of categories soon, but we'd also like to hear how you'd like to see them revised. That doesn't mean we're going to do it, necessarily, but we will certainly take it into consideration.

Which, if any, categories should be added? Dropped? Split? Should we add something like "Best Local Twitter Personality (Music)" to go along with the more traditional media like Best Radio Station and Best Local Label?

Doesn't sound like a bad idea to us. A while back, local DJ/producer DJ Red emailed us to suggest we add a "Best Electronic Producer" to the list. What do you guys think?

A complete list of last year's categories is after the jump. How else can we improve them to better reflect the local music scene? You'll be the ones voting on them, after all, so please let us know. We'd rather you leave a comment so others can see what you think, but if you must you can email us too.

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Last year's best CD/LP, UGK's UGK for Life
Best CD/LP

Best EP/7"

Best Local Song

Best New Act

Best Songwriter

Local Musician of the Year

Best Bassist

Best Drummer

Best Keyboards

Best Miscellaneous Instrument

Best Male Vocalist

Best Female Vocalist

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